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Your belief system

Remember, your Belief System is your memory and understanding of everything you were ever taught, figured out, or experienced in Life. Whenever you weed out old, outdated, or inaccurate information and increase your awareness to take in more accurate and complete information, you update your Belief System.

An updated Belief System will not only improve your ability to Respond to Life’s challenges, but also it will allow you to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of Life. Updating your Belief System is a process of Transformation. Transformation is essentially a metamorphosis; it is a thorough or dynamic change in form, structure, character, or condition to a more evolved state by means of reorganizing, reconfiguring, and updating. Updating your Belief System involves adopting new perspectives and new ways of observing and Responding to Life Events.

This brings about a fundamental and profound change that reorients your Consciousness in a new direction. It results in a deeper level of awareness, perception, and understanding of Life; and it will allow you to become more efficient, productive, and successful in all you do. We believe that the most effective way to update your Belief System is by learning and applying the Four Steps of Transforming Your Belief System contained within “ Stress free life in 4 steps” The Four Stages are Realize, Expand, Evaluate, and Refine.

Following is a brief introduction to the Four Stages:


STAGE I REALIZE: In Stage I you will uncover Four Fundamental Principles that are the basis of the entire  program. These Principles, if accepted, will allow you to better understand the Flow of Life and Realize the opportunity, power, and control you possess to direct your Life.

STAGE II  EXPAND: In Stage II you will learn how you can Expand your awareness and understanding of Life Events to become more informed and knowledgeable about your circumstances. As you will soon see, we only use a small percentage of our overall awareness.

STAGE III  EVALUATE: In Stage III you will learn how to accurately determine the full and true impact that Events have in your Life. You will also learn ways to Respond to Events so that you can guide your Life in the direction you choose.

STAGE IV  REFINE: In Stage IV you will learn how to uproot old, outdated Beliefs and increase your threshold and ability to deal with Life Events. Additionally, you will discover how to get in touch with the deepest aspects of yourself to find what drives and motivates you.

We will begin by exploring each Stage separately. Each Stage, independently, can significantly Transform your Belief System if you apply the concepts it contains in your Life. Just as each stage of a rocket successively brings you closer to your destination, each Stage of the Transforming Your Belief System Process can bring you closer to your objectives. Later we will explore how the Four Stages also work synergistically, which can further empower your Belief System and create an efficient, effective resource that will assist you in creating the Life you truly desire. By simultaneously utilizing all the Stages, you can maximize all your resources and uncap your fullest potential. When you do this, there’s no telling how high you can soar or what destinations you can reach.

Most people divide Life into smaller units to identify significant circumstances or Events. Although looking at Life as a collection of separate and distinct Events makes it easier to refer to each Event individually, it can present a problem. If you single out or isolate one Event from the rest of your Life, you remove it from its context and may prematurely judge it as good/bad or favorable/unfavorable based upon the Pain or Pleasure you experience from it.

Since you don’t know how an Event will unfold over time or what it may bring forth in the future, it is impossible to Realize in the moment the full impact of any Event. In actuality, Life is one, single, continuously unfolding experience; any divisions or subdivisions are subjective and created by your mind. It is important to Realize that what most people call an Event is only a snapshot in time, but its effects are far-reaching and may create possibilities and opportunities to learn and grow, both in the present as well as in the future.

The Pain or Pleasure you experience in the moment is only a temporary part of the process of the Event unfolding in your Life.

Edwardo Rosso
Co-Author of “The Manual For Life & Consciousness”
CEO of ” The Center For Self Development “