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Before we begin analyzing life, we first need to define it. The dictionary’s definition of life is quite broad and varies depending upon the perspective from which you are looking at it. It can be defined from a biological, psychological, or spiritual perspective.

I will take a very pragmatic approach and stay away from any religious, philosophical, or speculative viewpoints looking only at the tangible facts, you can observe that you are born, live for a certain length of time, and then die. During that time, you experience life. The longer your stay, the more you experience.

So, to address our question: What is life? You can take a very simplistic yet accurate view that life is one continuous experience from birth to death.

Note: I am only defining the interval of time you spend on earth; I am not making a statement as to when life or consciousness may actually begin or end.

This continuous experience of life is not just the activities you participate in, the daily tasks you accomplish and the challenges you face, but it also includes everything you observe, encounter, respond to, undergo, or partake in. Walking, thinking, sleeping, breathing, eating, and even reading these words are all part of this experience.

Life is your conscious awareness of your journey from birth to death.

It includes all that you experience and learn along the way. Life is realizing that it is not the events or experiences that come into play that matter but how you choose to respond to them.

Life is your ability to see the opportunities presented to you in those events or experiences and use them to co-create and improve everything with which you come in contact. This allows you to facilitate the growth and evolution of both yourself and that which surrounds you.

When you become both a student and a teacher your life will quickly expand to allow you to express your purpose, even if you do not realize it at the moment.

Life is to be present that all events and experiences are subjective and are based upon your awareness and perception. It is realizing that true contentment is a State of Consciousness, not a physical state.

If you remain focused on difficulties and stress, that is what you will get: a life filled with adversity and grief. If you remain focused on opportunities and lessons, life becomes an ever-evolving journey of challenges and growth. What you concentrate on is what you will see unfold and manifest.

There is a greater aspect of yourself that drives you. Once you share it with everyone else and everything else in the universe, you will transform into a special and unique human being that is a part of this grand existence of life and has a unique role to play.

Life is realizing that you are not alone and that everyone and everything is on the same journey toward its own realization and evolution. Life is one continuous experience of learning and various opportunities that allow you to respond and create the life you choose. When you fully understand that, you will release from within you all the power and ability you need to create, grow, and evolve consistently.

                    Edwardo Rosso


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