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What Does SPIRITUAL Mean?

The word “Spirit” has many differing meanings and connotations. When most people hear the word “Spirit,” they may think of religion, apparitions, or some incorporeal dimension of living beings. Let’s explore this word more deeply. The English word “Spirit” comes from the Latin word “Spiritus,” meaning “breath.” Breath is a universal symbol of Life. The center for self-development uses the word “Spirit” to symbolize the universal living force in all of Life.

This Universal Life Force is the collective, ubiquitous energy that pervades all of Creation, and it is the Source of all that was, is, or will be. Universal Life Force is what animates all living things, allows them to be Aware, and drives them to grow and evolve. From observation we can see that all living things come into existence, experience Life, and ultimately die. During this time, they take in Nourishment, eliminate waste, and have periods of activity and Rest. This process generates Pain, Pleasure, learning, and growth. Consequently, we can see that the Universal Life Force is not some random energy but a very consistent, intelligent, nurturing Force.

Your individual expression of Universal Life Force is your own Consciousness. Although your Consciousness expresses itself through your brain, your brain is not the source of this Life Force; it is only the physical receiver and distributor of this Force.

Consciousness is a State or level of Awareness. Your Consciousness expresses itself as a spectrum of Awareness, ranging from the densest and tangible to the most subtle. We Separate this spectrum of Awareness or Consciousness into Four States, each State representing a different part of this spectrum and having its own specific role to play in your Life. Our exploration starts with your Awareness of your body and environment in the Physical State of Consciousness, followed by what you feel in the Emotional State of Consciousness, and then what you think in the Mental State of Consciousness. The fourth and last aspect is your Spiritual State of Consciousness, which is the Awareness of your morals, values, philosophy, and Life beyond yourself; it is Awareness of the big picture. Your Spiritual State of Consciousness is the Awareness of the finest, most subtle aspects of your Consciousness, and it is the least tangible and most abstract of the Four States Your Spiritual State of Consciousness is the heart and essence of your entire Consciousness.

Your Spiritual State of Consciousness is the driving Force within you that makes you press on, endure, and move forward in Life. It drives you to try, learn, improve, and grow. This Force embodies an innate intelligence that forms your instincts, intuition, and intent (or will) as well as your conscience or moral compass. It is the part of your Consciousness that reaches beyond yourself and embodies love, compassion, humbleness, and contribution.

Your Spiritual State of Consciousness initiates your thoughts, fuels your emotions, and compels you to act in the physical world. The other States of Consciousness step down or transduce your spiritual intent into gradually denser degrees i.e., into your actual thoughts, emotions, and Actions, all of which end up in the physical world in which you live and Act. The entire spectrum of your Consciousness is a progression that starts with an intent (spiritual) and ends in an Action (physical).

Your Spiritual State of Consciousness Understands its relationship with Life and works in harmony with the greater whole. That is why some people will strive for the greater good for a future they will never see. It is why someone will give up something solely on principle. It is why some people dedicate their lives in service. It is why someone will sacrifice their Life for a cause. Your Spiritual State of Consciousness inspires and drives you from the depths of your being and It is the essence of who you are and what you stand for.

Your Spiritual State of Consciousness has access to and utilizes all states of time: past, present, and future. It can recall the past, dwell in the present, or have a vision for the future.

The Spiritual State of Consciousness is difficult to describe; it is beyond words, as it exists beyond your mind and thoughts. This may sound unusual, since you may be accustomed to thinking in terms of words and referring to your thoughts as your Consciousness. But imagine if there were no such thing as words or language. What would you think? How would you express yourself? If language were removed, Life would be a qualitatively different experience. Your thoughts would take a back seat, and although you would still be Aware and Respond, there would be no inner dialogue. Yet something would still compel you to Respond, something would still be driving you. That driving Force would be your Spiritual State of Consciousness.

Your Spiritual State of Consciousness exists on the spectrum beyond thoughts/words, emotions, and Actions; it is the origin and source of what triggers them.

Trying to explore your Spiritual State of Consciousness using only your mind is limiting. You need to go beyond the boundaries of your mind to become thoroughly Aware of your spiritual self and your total spectrum of Consciousness. This is not as difficult as it sounds once you learn how. We go much deeper in our courses and simplify the process of understanding Consciousness.

To become Aware of this powerful Universal Life Force within you and free its potential, you will need to apply the understanding of your own consciousness.

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