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GOM – “to become familiar with oneself”

Resting Your Relationship

We will be looking at ways to Rest from your Relationships. Your goal in the Resting is to provide a period or interval of inactivity, to cease from Action and performance, and to be free from anything that irritates or disturbs. In Resting your Relationships, you will look at ways that you can break away from the interaction and exchange with others and access a period of alone time and reflection that will benefit not only you but also others and the Relationship as well. This brings you to a state of mind which we call GOM.

“GOM” is a Tibetan word that means “to become familiar with oneself”. Resting from a Relationship requires you to take a Break from your interaction with a particular person or group every now and then and to reconnect with yourself. This Rest is very important. Separation and time alone is vital not only to your own personal growth and development but to that of your Relationships as well; it allows both/all parties the time to reestablish their own balance.

Everyone needs some quiet, personal time to reflect and to allow their Consciousness the time it needs to settle and absorb what they have experienced and learned so far. Although you can Rest from one Relationship and focus on another in its place, this is not what we are referring to. It is important for you to spend some time on developing the Relationship you have with yourself, apart from all others.

This quiet, personal time should be a time of solitary, inward focus that allows you to quiet down and become comfortable and familiar with your own feelings, thoughts, and Passions. It is a time to reconnect with your spiritual self and attune to Love, Intent, and your innate Wisdom.

Personal alone time is healthy for your Relationships. Spending time apart inhibits dependency and allows each person to maintain their individuality. Basing your Life solely on one person is an Attachment. All Relationships will eventually end. If your entire Life is built around one person, it can be very devastating should that person move on, either by choice or by death.

Maintaining a healthy sense of self will assist you in transiting to new Relationships if and when the time comes. Although Relationships can be very Nourishing, the more time you spend with someone, the more likely the Relationship will generate stress because of the continued interaction. Spending 24/7 with the same person can become Enervating, as your needs eventually begin to take a back seat and the needs of the Relationship take precedence.

Since healthy Relationships allow for downtime as well as together time, how much downtime is beneficial? If both parties enjoy each other’s company, the interval of Rest can be very short. Remember, everyone’s comfort level is different; some people need more alone time than others.

Awareness of your own as well as the other person’s tolerance and preferences will determine the length and frequency of the Rest interval. Some Relationships can pick up where they left off, even after years of no contact; others fade away after a few days.

Allowing your Consciousness time to return to its own state of balance, away from the influence of any Relationships, will ultimately help you, any partners, and all your Relationships to flourish. Everyone’s Consciousness needs a variety of experiences in order to grow and evolve. That is why the Rest and variety provided from downtime and alone time is so important.

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