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The Word “LOVE”

The word “love” as defined in the dictionary encompasses a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes. The diversity of its use and meanings, combined with the complexity of the feelings involved, makes love unusually difficult to define precisely. It would be more accurate if our language had several other words to describe the many different types of love.

Did you know that Eskimos have dozens of words for snow, as there are many subtle variations and types of snow?

As humans, we may experience a strong physical attraction to someone, and we say that we “love” that person. Or we may feel a strong emotional desire to be around someone, and we express that desire as “love.” Or we may mentally admire and become inspired by someone, and we say that we “love” them. Or we may get a spiritual sense of oneness and completeness when around a certain person, and we refer to this as “love.” In each of these examples, it is Pleasure that is being expressed but on different levels of Consciousness. In each case there is a sense of Pleasure and yearning for more. But for true Love to take place, there must be Unconditional Love, or acceptance, respect, and Appreciation for another and a willingness to give of oneself to that other. Otherwise, it is not Love but only a personal desire to enjoy or own.

The word “Unconditional” is important; if you Expect something in return, it is not Unconditional. Unconditional means not being contingent upon any terms or requirements. It is important to note that the Unconditional Love that we will be exploring is a universal Love that applies to all people, places, and things. It is seeing the beauty and divinity in everyone and in everything. In contrast, the love that people speak of when they say they “fell in love” with someone or the love someone has for a child, parent, or someone special is more specific to the two people who are involved in the relationship. It is based on history, familiarity, and the sharing of physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual intimacy and compatibility.

Often time we are all expecting something in return so is not the Love we are presenting to you in this commentary. Our discussion here deals with the universal Unconditional Love that applies to all of creation. It is our connection with, affinity to, and sharing of the one Universal Life Force that pervades all of Life. Unconditional Love is not something that needs to be cultivated, just uncovered. It exists as an innate part of every one of us. Our Ego tends to suppress, distort, and “condition” this Love. The process of uncovering the Love that is already there brings Unconditional acceptance, compassion, and contribution into your Life. It releases the restrictions that your Ego has on Love and allows the Love to express itself freely and Unconditionally.

Sometimes people confuse Unconditional Love with having to give up what is important to themselves or being taken advantage of. That is not what Unconditional Love is. Unconditional Love does not mean you must allow another person completely into your Life and give them full access to your home, finances, and belongings. And accepting someone for who they are does not mean compromising your own self or your own intent. If you had a 12-year-old child and they asked you for your credit card and the keys to your new car, would you hand them over? If not, does that mean you don’t Unconditionally Love them? Unconditional Love is not about giving in to another; rather, it is a state of mutual acceptance and respect. It is knowing that we are all learning our own lessons as we live and grow and that we all need guidance and limits at times.

Unconditional Love accepts and Understands that since we are all learning and growing and at our own, individual pace some people may make less-than-ideal choices now and then because they may not know any better at the time. Unconditional Love accepts without judgments and Expectations. It has tolerance, respect, and Appreciation for another’s unique journey in Life. As we said earlier, Unconditional Love requires a willingness to give off oneself. Unconditional giving is done without Expectation. It is giving for the sake of giving, and it is based on contribution. Unconditional Love is not something that you only offer to others. You should also Love yourself Unconditionally. The more self-Love you have, the less self-neglect/abuse and self-doubt you will experience; you will also have more self-respect, self-confidence, and a greater desire to reach for higher things in Life. It is also true that to Unconditionally Love another person, you must

Unconditionally Love and accept yourself first. Let’s now look at some ways you can Nourish your Life by bringing more Love into it. Love is actually cultivated by giving it away. As paradoxical as it sounds, it is true: In order to receive, you must give. The more Love you offer, the more you generate and attract to yourself. And there is a never-ending supply! Love is Nourishing to both the giver and the receiver. Keep in mind that Love is not limited to living beings; Love can be extended to all of creation.

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Edwardo Rosso
CEO & Co-Developer