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If you observe nature, you will notice that all of Life is involved in a continuous process that promotes growth and self-renewal. This process is carried out in 4 Phases; Purify, Nourish, Utilize, Rest.

Purify – Digestion and other biological processes create wastes that need to be eliminated; otherwise, you become congested, sluggish, and auto-intoxicated. By eliminating wastes, you Purify your body.

Nourish – As you eliminate wastes, you create room in your body to take in new raw materials and by consuming wholesome foods, you bring in the resources your body needs to build and repair itself.

Utilize – If you eliminate wastes efficiently and Nourish your body properly, you produce energy. This energy allows you to move and Utilize your body to accomplish things in the physical world.

Rest – Lastly, after expending energy, you may need to Rest or sleep. This allows your body to recuperate and recharge.

These Four Phases are fairly obvious when it comes to refining your physical body as you know that the better you eliminate waste, nourish your body, exercise, and Rest, the healthier your body will be and the better it will perform. We can then say that the 4 phases are essential for your existence. Should any phase be carelessly executed, your overall physical wellness and balance will be compromised. Now let’s combine these 4 Phases to your 4 state of your consciousness.

Consciousness is a State or level of Awareness

Physical State of Consciousness is the Awareness of your physical body and environment; it is also the animating force that articulates your body and allows you to move and take action and thus effect change in the physical world.

Your Awareness of your body and your actual body are so closely related that it may, at first, be difficult to differentiate between the two. The following analogy of a car and driver may be helpful: A driver operates, controls, and monitors a car, just as your Physical State of Consciousness operates, controls, and monitors your body. The car and your body are vehicles of expression for their owners. The car allows the driver to operate and control it; it also provides feedback as to its condition and the condition of its environment via its windows, instrument panel, and the way it Responds to the road. Likewise, your body allows your Consciousness to operate and control it; it also provides feedback as to its condition and its Response to environmental conditions via your physical senses. Your body is the object that experiences. Your Consciousness is the Awareness of that experience.

Consciousness is a State or level of Awareness

Emotional State of Consciousness is the Awareness of the emotions or feelings that you psychologically experience; it is how you feel at any given moment i.e., happy, sad, angry, fearful, excited, etc. Your emotions allow you to more fully experience Events. They generate joy and Pleasure when things go in your favor, and they generate sadness, Pain, disappointment, or even anger when they don’t. Your emotions are a form of self-expression, and they support and enhance your other States of Consciousness. Emotions can only be felt in the present moment. It is impossible to feel a past or future emotion. You can recall how you felt in the past or project how you might feel in the future, but make no mistake, you are experiencing those emotions in the present. It is important to Realize that nobody makes you feel a particular way; you choose how you feel. You may mistakenly assume that someone “made” you angry, when in reality you allowed your emotions to dominate and Responded angrily.

Consciousness is a State or level of Awareness

Mental State of Consciousness can function in all three states of time: past, present, and future. It functions in the past through memories; in the present by being Aware of what is happening in the here and now; and in the future by dreaming, Envisioning, and planning for what may happen. Your Mental State of Consciousness is a powerful force that you use to make decisions, solve problems, and makes discoveries. It gives you the ability to concentrate on one specific subject or to jump around and cover many. It lends its memory, knowledge, and support to the other States of Consciousness; and for many people it is the main driving force in their lives. Although your Mental State of Consciousness is a great source of power, it can easily be hijacked when another State of Consciousness becomes dominant and enslaves it.

Consciousness is a State or level of Awareness

Spiritual State of Consciousness which is the Awareness of your morals, values, philosophy, and Life beyond your self; it is Awareness of the big picture. Your Spiritual State of Consciousness is the Awareness of the finest, most subtle aspects of your Consciousness, and it is the least tangible and most abstract of the Four States. Your Spiritual State of Consciousness is the driving Force within you that makes you endure, and move forward in Life. It drives you to try, learn, improve, and grow. This Force embodies an innate intelligence that forms your instincts, intuition, and intent as well as your conscience or moral compass. It is the part of your Consciousness that reaches beyond your self and embodies compassion and contribution.

The 4 phases, Purify, Nourish, Utilize, Rest are essential for your existence, as we stated prior, so we need to apply them also to our 4 state of consciousness accurately and efficiently.

We have incorporated the Four Phases of the Refining Process into the following Chart along with the Four States of Consciousness. Take a closer look at this Chart. 

refining matrix
Now that you observe and understand the importance of “The refining matrix” The questions that really matter are:

Do you know how to Purify, Nourish, Utilize, and Rest your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual state of your consciousness? About applying it to your relationships? Is that even possible? and if possible how do you do that?

To study and to understand your consciousness is the access to your wisdom, balance, harmony, health. It is transformational. This process will help you reduce or eliminate the psychological restrictions (STRESS) that hold you back, revitalize all aspects of your being, and empower you to do and accomplish more in all areas of your Life.

This revolutionary new Methodology that finally unveils the understanding of how life works is what we are ready to share with you. By understanding your consciousness you will Master all area of your life.

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