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The Dilemma

Tired of trying to grow a business, or dealing with illnesses, or maybe raising a difficult child, or being lonely, or Poor, perhaps just tired of waiting for happiness to arrive and be with you each and everyday. Tired of dealing with others requests, demands or disagreements.

What do you do when the battle has lasted longer than your internal resources can handle? How do you turn around and Transform your Feelings from anxious-to-excited or joyful? How do you stop you worries and disappointments Which drains your energy?

There is no doubt that you can agree to the fact that life seems to be difficult. Is it? Yes, it can be but the Question is who created that reality, that you call difficult? Who created your suffering? Who created your unhappiness? Who created your hopelessness? Who created your Psychological Distress?

The answer is YOU,YOU AND YOU.

Why do you cause harm to yourselves? Why you practice self destructing behavior? Why can’t you distinguish the difference between what serves you and what doesn’t? The answer to this Dilemma and to those questions are easy to realize if we explore, study and Understand Human Consciousness!

Life is one continuous experience from birth to death and in the process of experiencing life you isolate segments of Time which you call events. The purpose of the events is for you to learn and to extract opportunities and then to Formulate a response that will serve you in your future experiences.

In “The Manual for Life & Consciousness” Methodology an Alchemical process is utilized to disassemble Human consciousness in 24 parts Which then are sequentially organized to allow you the seeker or student to easily see, explore, evaluate and realize how your consciousness is structured and functions. Once you become aware you begin to shift your attention to what serves you and away from what doesn’t so the dilemma is no longer present and you, the seeker or student can transform your response to produce happiness, wellness, effectiveness, relationships, confidence and a clear Understanding of how life works.

Edwardo Rosso CEO, Co-Author, & Co-Developer
The Manual for Life & Consciousness Methodology