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The Course on Consciousness

The Course on Consciousness

University level Zoom course
from the comfort of your House

course on consciousness

1) The Course on Consciousness
One Weekend Value – $2400
(14 hour course – Live Interaction)

This interactive Course allows you to fully participate by asking questions. It unfolds over two days (Saturday & Sunday) from 10am to 5pm Eastern time for both days. This methodology awakens you and allows you to reclaim your true power by rebooting your consciousness. It achieves this by first teaching some fundamental truths about life and yourself that you need to realize in order to wake up, then it shows you how to expand your awareness to become more aware of what is actually taking place around you, allows you to understand life, yourself and others. Next it shows you a way of evaluating what you are experiencing so you can accurately determine the direction your life is taking, and finally it teaches a way of dissolving past traumas and old outdated beliefs that are unconsciously holding you back.

2) Every Monday for 2 Hours

Live Interactive Training for 12 Months
Value – $2900
(104 Hours of Live Training)

Every Monday night from 7pm to 9pm Eastern time we have a live interactive training on how to utilize your Consciousness and make it work for you. This training allows the participant to be coached, ask questions or just learn the topic of the week. At times you may not be available, then we will send you a recording of the missing meeting.

3) The Monthly Mentor Program
Value – $1900
(36 Hours of Live Training)

1st Saturday of each month for one year, 3 hours live training 10am to 1pm Eastern Time. Every successful person has or had a Mentor. Once a month, bring your project, goal or plan and we will mentor you on how to use your consciousness. You will have the opportunity to see how others utilize their consciousness and brainstorm with others.

4) Two Coaching Sessions with
Edwardo Rosso – Co-Developer
Value – $1500
(4 Hours of Live Interaction)

Personalized attention is very important to uncover your Self-Sabotaging Behavior.  Once the blockage is removed then balance, harmony, and happiness will flourish.

Total Value – $8,700

Now Only $1,990

(or 4 payments of $560)

Total Hours of Training – 158
(cost per hour – $12.60)

I am a licensed

Marriage & Family Therapist

“If someone you know or care about is struggling in a relationship, please allow me to help.”

I feel it is a privilege to be a therapist. I love my work. I take a creative and collaborative approach in my practice, researching innovative techniques and information to help you make the changes you desire.

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What to Expect

In therapy we will discuss your problems and how they are currently affecting you. In doing so, offer you techniques to help you to learn a new set of behaviours, and help you to practice this new skill until it has become embedded. You’ll also be given helpful “homework” in the form of practicing your new skills. In the process, you should experience an improvement in your symptoms. The goal of CBT is a relatively rapid improvement and the cessation of therapy within 16 weeks, but each case is unique and the duration may vary from person to person.

Strategies for an emotional problems

If you Experiencing One of the Following Symptoms:

  • Feeling Depressed, Feeling Stressed
  • Battling With Anxiety, Panic Attacks or a Phobia
  • Having Relationship Problems but are Unsure How to Move Forward
  • Experiencing an Eating Disorder
  • Weighed Down by Obsessive Rituals, Compulsive Checking or Hoarding
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