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The Dilemma

The Dilemma Tired of trying to grow a business, or dealing with illnesses, or maybe raising a difficult child, or being lonely, or Poor, perhaps just tired of waiting for happiness to arrive and be with you each and everyday. Tired of dealing with others requests, demands or disagreements. What do you do when the battle has lasted longer than…

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The Importance of Time

The Importance of Time When you lose money, food, your job, your happiness or Your health , At times it can be recovered. When you spend one minute doing something like eating, sleeping, working or playing, it will Be Gone forever. Time is irreversible and irreplaceable Time is The most valuable asset you Have Actually your entire life Equates To…

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How to Create an Effective Plan?

How to Create an Effective Plan? 1. Assess: Where Are You? The first step in developing an effective Plan is to be Aware of your current circumstances. A Plan is like a road map it can only take you where you want to go if you know where you currently are. Being Aware of your current circumstances requires you to…

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