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The Refining Matrix

If you observe nature, you will notice that all of Life is involved in a continuous process that promotes growth and self-renewal. This process is carried out in 4 Phases; Purify, Nourish, Utilize, Rest. Purify – Digestion and other biological processes create wastes that need to be eliminated; otherwise, you become congested, sluggish, and auto-intoxicated. By eliminating wastes, you Purify…

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A Different Perspective About Your EGO

Spirit The English word spirit comes from the Latin “spiritus,” meaning “breath.” Breath is a universal symbol of Life. In the Manual 4 Life we use the word Spirit to symbolize the Universal Living Force in all of Life. Although your Consciousness expresses itself through your brain, your brain is not the source of this Life Force it is only…

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Communication is Expressing, Listening, Planning

Communication Communication is the exchanging of knowledge, information, opinions, or ideas. In order to participate and Share in a Relationship, there must be some form of exchange or interaction. This exchange or interaction can take place physically, emotionally, mentally, and/or spiritually. Effective Communication is fundamental to a Relationship because it is what makes interaction possible, and it is the key…

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