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Understanding Your Consciousness
Understanding Your Consciousness
Understanding Your Consciousness
Understanding Your Consciousness
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What makes The Manual For Life & Consciousness different from other philosophies or programs?

Most people go through life half asleep using only a small portion of their consciousness, living an incomplete life filled with stress, discomfort, and the inability to achieve their goals or reach their true potential. They may experience inner conflict or indecision that is stifling and preventing them from moving forward. They don’t realize that everyone has a powerful, creative, energy inside them that is dormant and untapped begging to be released. They live life unaware that they already possess all the power and direction they need to create a rich full life free from stress and worry. Unfortunately knowledge of this inner power and how to tap into it has been drowned out by society and, for the most part, lost. Any instruction of it is rare or incomplete. Fortunately there exists a powerful, proven methodology that will allow you to tap into and release this inner power. This methodology has helped thousands of people to wake up to the possibilities within them, freeing themselves from the programming that is holding them back and allowing them to create the life they always dreamed of.This methodology awakens you from this dreamlike state and allows you to reclaim your true power by rebooting your consciousness. It achieves this by first teaching some fundamental truths about life and yourself that you need to realize in order to wake up, then it shows you how to expand your awareness to become more aware of what is actually taking place around you allowing you to understand life, yourself and others to the deepest levels, next it shows you a non conditioned way of evaluating what you are experiencing so you can accurately determine the direction your life is taking, and finally it teaches a way of dissolving past traumas and old outdated beliefs that are unconsciously haunting or holding you back, replacing them with positive creative energy.

Living and functioning from this heightened state, you can tap into all the power and abilities latent inside you as you reorganize your consciousness so all parts work as a whole, reducing internal conflict and indecision, fueling the creative gift we all have so you can achieve anything you set your consciousness to do. By releasing this untapped potential you will reduce or eliminate stress, fully enjoy the true pleasures of life, and remake your life into the life you choose.

The Center For Self Development

If you observe nature, you will notice that all of Life is involved in a continuous process that promotes growth and self-renewal. This process is carried out in 4 Phases; Purify, Nourish, Utilize, Rest.

Purify – Digestion and other biological processes create wastes that need to be eliminated; otherwise, you become congested, sluggish, and auto-intoxicated. By eliminating wastes, you Purify your body.

Nourish – As you eliminate wastes, you create room in your body to take in new raw materials and by consuming wholesome foods, you bring in the resources your body needs to build and repair itself.

Utilize – If you eliminate wastes efficiently and Nourish your body properly, you produce energy. This energy allows you to move and Utilize your body to accomplish things in the physical world.

Rest – Lastly, after expending energy, you may need to Rest or sleep. This allows your body to recuperate and recharge.

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