Our kids and Consciousness | The Center for Self Development

Children of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, lived, are living, and will be living fighting life itself, just because they are unaware and do not understand the basic principles on how life works and unfolds daily.

This lack of understanding in children continues in their adult life creating a larger problem in society.

Our kids are missing focus, balance and confidence. They bully each other and often drug and alcohol weaken them, with serious consequences, they are compensating for their lack of understanding with over eating, anger, frustration, confusion and extremism in all their thoughts and actions.

Unfortunately we can not stop or help children with punishment, accountability or by apprehending them.

Many philosophers have advocated in the past that awareness is essential for transformation to manifest. I like to add that understanding , not information or knowledge, is what effectively transforms behavior in all of us.

In the physiological world things are apparent and quite intuitive as we utilize our 5 senses therefore we can make most of the time intelligent decisions to our favor but in our phycological world we get lost in the complexity of it and we can not choose properly and wisely.

Education is fundamental, essential, and up most important for any of us to grow and evolve, but honestly we are not teaching our children how our behavioral world works perhaps because most of us do not understand it, so how can we share with our children what we do not understand?

I believe that by sharing, exposing and teaching how consciousness works we can create a new kind of human that is equipped with skills to concentrate at will, to be confident, effective and creative, a human that chooses wisely, learns quickly and creates infinite possibilities for himself and others.

Edwardo Rosso
CEO & Co-Developer
The Center For Self Development