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The Importance of Time

When you lose money, food, your job, your happiness or Your health , At times it can be recovered.

When you spend one minute doing something like eating, sleeping, working or playing, it will Be Gone forever. Time is irreversible and irreplaceable Time is The most valuable asset you Have Actually your entire life Equates To the sum of time you live.

Your time is your life & Your life is your time

To recognize this truth is to realize that your effort toward respecting and conserving time is Fundamental. But it is important to realize and understand that having more time and Spending it into anxiety, fear, worries, disappointments, anger and distress Is not the quality of life you want.

Have you noticed that some people seem to dance through life with purpose, direction, and Passion; They take in stride the things that would trouble the average person. Have they Stumbled upon a way of living Life more efficiently and productively? Do they know or do something that You don’t? The answer to all of these questions is: It is how they use their Consciousness!

What is Consciousness you may ask? Consciousness Is the multidimensional framework of yours being and if understood it is the access to a greater.


Edwardo Rosso CEO, Co-Author, & Co-Developer
The Manual for Life & Consciousness Methodology