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The English word spirit comes from the Latin “spiritus,” meaning “breath.” Breath is a universal symbol of Life. In the Manual 4 Life we use the word Spirit to symbolize the Universal Living Force in all of Life. Although your Consciousness expresses itself through your brain, your brain is not the source of this Life Force it is only the physical receiver and transmitter of it.
It is the driving force within you that makes you push on, endure and move forward. It drives you to try, learn, improve and grow. This force embodies an innate intelligence that forms your instincts, intuition and will. It is the part of your Consciousness that reaches beyond self and embodies compassion and contribution.

Imagine if there was no such thing as words or language? How would you think, how would you express yourself? By removing language, Life takes on a different perspective. Your thoughts take a back seat, you will still be aware and Respond but, there would be no inner dialogue. Yet something still compels you to Respond, something is driving you. This driving force is your Spiritual Consciousness. Your Spiritual Consciousness exists on the spectrum beyond words and thoughts and Emotions, it is source and origin of what actually triggers them.

In contrast to your Spiritual state of Consciousness is your Ego. Your Ego is the coordination and integration of your Physical, Emotions and Mental states of Consciousness. Although we described these states separately they rarely work in isolation. The coordinated relationship they share we refer to as your Ego. The Ego’s focus and attention is all about itself. The Ego is the protector and governor of your body, it is the part of your Consciousness that embodies self love and preservation. It perceives and interprets Life in terms of what is the best for it.


Your Ego is how you express yourself and take Action in the physical world. Your Ego also serves as a vessel for your Spiritual Consciousness to engage in and express itself in the denser fields of existence. Your Spiritual Consciousness is so subtle it cannot express its intent directly in the physical world, it needs your Ego’s cooperation. When your Ego works in conjunction
with your Spiritual Consciousness and all four states unite and work as one, the integrity and synergistic power of your Consciousness increases substantially.

Since your Ego occupies a large portion ( ¾ ) of your Consciousness it can easily overwhelm and dominate the remaining subtle portion at times. If your Ego becomes dominant it may hijack or misconstrue your Spiritual intent and reinterpret them in terms of itself. Your Ego essential isolates itself temporarily and becomes self focused. If this happens your Awareness becomes fragmented and internal conflict and Distress are produced. Your Ego is always involved in any Response you take, that’s it purpose to allow your Consciousness to express itself. Your purpose in this section is to become aware how much your Ego is influencing or modifying your Response. This can be accomplished by shifting your focus more on the motive behind your Response and less on the Response itself. Once your Ego realizes that by following your Spiritual Consciousness all states of Consciousness benefit and your Consciousness becomes whole and more potent you Ego will become more eager to oblige your Spiritual Intent.

An important point to keep in mind is that your Ego is not something that should be suppressed, ignored or dismantled, it has its rightful place and purpose, and that is to take direction from your Spiritual Consciousness and carry out its instructions. Your Ego consisting of your Mind, Emotions and Body is the vehicle your Spirit acts through. Your Spiritual state of Consciousness is always present as a silent inner guide, unfortunately it subtle influence is often suppressed and drowned out by the many thoughts, wants, desires and attractions of your Ego. When your
Ego drowns out your Spiritual intent or redefines it in terms of itself is when you lose contact with your center and source of being. By keeping this communication channel clear, you express the finest, purest aspects of your Consciousness and act in a more enlighten way.

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