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A conversation about “Understanding”

The mind is inquisitive and naturally hungers to Understand. But what does it mean to Understand? We believe that Understanding is more than the Awareness or knowledge of something. We believe it is Realizing how one thing fits into the web of everything else; it is seeing the big picture. Therefore, we can define Understanding as the Realization of the relationship and significance that a part has to the whole. Everything is part of a greater cumulative whole, and when you isolate something apart from the whole, you examine it out of context and limit your perception and Understanding of it.

Understanding takes place the instant that electrical spark jumps the synaptic gap and establishes a neural pathway that unites the information in your brain and results in your knowing what you did not know before. It is the instant you make that missing connection, Realize something for the first time, or the second you exclaim, “AHA! I get it!” The information may already be present, but until the mind makes the necessary connections, there is no Understanding.

Understanding is a Realization; it awakens, Energizes, Expands, and Nourishes the mind. Understanding is relative. What you Understand from one perspective may change dramatically as you Shift your focus to a broader, more inclusive perspective. For instance, when you look up into the sky and see a star, it appears real. However, light travels at approximately 186,000 miles per second. The starlight you see may have taken many years to reach the earth. The light and image you perceive is really from the past; the star may not actually exist anymore.

From the perspective of the earth (the more limited view), the star appears real. From the perspective of the universe (the more
inclusive view), the star may be long gone, and you are only witnessing the light that is still traveling through space. The more
limited your Awareness and perspective, the more limited your information and Understanding. The more inclusive your Awareness and perspective, the more complete your information and Understanding.

Ultimate Understanding is knowing the total relationship and significance that a part has to the whole, not only in the present but also in the past and future. It is omniscience; it is knowing everything and having unlimited Understanding or knowledge. We will refer to this state of Ultimate Understanding as Actuality. Actuality is not limited to levels of Awareness, preferences, or judgments; it is completely and accurately knowing what was, is, or will be.

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Edwardo Rosso
CEO & Co-Developer