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Your Ego Serves as a Vessel for Your Spiritual State of Consciousness

Your Ego Serves as a Vessel for Your Spiritual State of Consciousness In contrast to your Spiritual State of Consciousness is your Ego. Your Ego is the coordination and integration of your Physical, Emotional, and Mental States of Consciousness. A dominating Ego can hijack your spiritual Intent and create Distress. These three States of Consciousness are closely related and are…

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A Different Conversation About Stress

Conversation about Stress Stress has been always part of life since the beginning of time, so here we are trying to eliminate it and at the same time we can’t live without it. Indeed every function of our body works under a calculated level of stress, and at the same time stress is definitely the biggest enemy of our health.…

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The Refining Matrix

If you observe nature, you will notice that all of Life is involved in a continuous process that promotes growth and self-renewal. This process is carried out in 4 Phases; Purify, Nourish, Utilize, Rest. Purify – Digestion and other biological processes create wastes that need to be eliminated; otherwise, you become congested, sluggish, and auto-intoxicated. By eliminating wastes, you Purify…

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A Different Perspective About Your EGO

Spirit The English word spirit comes from the Latin “spiritus,” meaning “breath.” Breath is a universal symbol of Life. In the Manual 4 Life we use the word Spirit to symbolize the Universal Living Force in all of Life. Although your Consciousness expresses itself through your brain, your brain is not the source of this Life Force it is only…

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