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Why are we confused and lost at times?

Why are we confused and lost at times? From the time you are born until the time you die, you experience Life. You separate Life into Events that can range from a moment to a larger segment of time. You perceive these Events on a spectrum between Painful and Pleasurable. Your recollection of what you experience forms your individual Belief…

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What’s the Meaning of Life?

What’s the Meaning of Life? So let’s start by asking yourself these questions: Who am I anyway? What are we all doing here in this planet? What is the meaning of life? And then there’s all that stuff happening in the world war, famine, disease, suffering, etc……  you name it. Well, the answer to our question “What’s the meaning of life?”…

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The word “love”

The Word “LOVE” The word “love” as defined in the dictionary encompasses a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes. The diversity of its use and meanings, combined with the complexity of the feelings involved, makes love unusually difficult to define precisely. It would be more accurate if our language had several other words to describe the many different types…

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The Refining Matrix

If you observe nature, you will notice that all of Life is involved in a continuous process that promotes growth and self-renewal. This process is carried out in 4 Phases; Purify, Nourish, Utilize, Rest. Purify – Digestion and other biological processes create wastes that need to be eliminated; otherwise, you become congested, sluggish, and auto-intoxicated. By eliminating wastes, you Purify…

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The Importance of Time

When you lose money, food, your job, your happiness or  Your health, At times it can be recovered. When you spend one minute doing something like eating, sleeping, working or playing, it will Be Gone forever. Time is irreversible and irreplaceable Time is The most valuable asset you have Actually your entire life Equates to the sum of time you live Your time…

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4 Secrets for Improving Self-Confidence

This article shares 4 secrets to improving self-confidence. Most people tend to focus on specific areas when they try to improve self-confidence such as improving the way that they speak or give presentations in business meetings. This is important but it is not the priority to focus on when trying to improve self-confidence. Below I break down the 4 secrets…

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