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The word “love”

The Word “LOVE” The word “love” as defined in the dictionary encompasses a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes. The diversity of its use and meanings, combined with the complexity of the feelings involved, makes love unusually difficult to define precisely. It would be more accurate if our language had several other words to describe the many different types…

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Our kids and Consciousness

Children of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, lived, are living, and will be living fighting life itself, just because they are unaware and do not understand the basic principles on how life works and unfolds daily. This lack of understanding in children continues in their adult life creating a larger problem in society. Our kids are missing focus, balance and confidence.…

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The Importance of Time

When you lose money, food, your job, your happiness or  Your health, At times it can be recovered. When you spend one minute doing something like eating, sleeping, working or playing, it will Be Gone forever. Time is irreversible and irreplaceable Time is The most valuable asset you have Actually your entire life Equates to the sum of time you live Your time…

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A Conversation About Relationship

In order to grow and evolve completely as human beings, we need to be in Relationship with things outside of ourselves. Relationships

give us the opportunity to nurture and develop certain aspects within ourselves that are impossible to develop in isolation. We are all part of a greater whole, and in order to explore and to grow our Consciousness toward the unity that exists, we must engage and participate in Relationships.

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