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Appreciation Is an Access to Wellness

Nurturing your emotions is not about over stimulating or exciting them; it is about slowing down, relaxing, and taking the time to Realize and Appreciate all that is around you. Appreciation is when you are filled with acceptance, respect, admiration, and gratitude. It is experienced when you take the time to, observe the wonders of nature, listen and talk from the heart, smile, laugh, sing, celebrate, be joyful.

Appreciation is not taking Life’s experiences for granted but instead taking the time to Realize the value that every moment contains. A wise old saying tells us that to experience Life fully, we must embrace and Appreciate every day as if it were our last.

Appreciation is the precursor to and foundation of all Life-Nourishing emotions. When you are filled with Appreciation, you nurture your emotions and well-being, and this leaves no room for Life-degrading feelings to take hold.

You will find it relatively easy to Appreciate things you enjoy, but what about Appreciating the more difficult experiences in Life? Can you Appreciate injury, illness, the death of a loved one, the suffering of others? Is this even possible? Your greatest growth comes when you learn to Appreciate Life’s more difficult challenges. If you cannot find a way to accept and Appreciate what these challenges bring into your Life, it will be difficult to rise above them and that will cause discontent, frustration, which eventually may result in sicknesses.

Appreciation is the force that will set you free from the hold of difficult circumstances and allow you to use them to catapult you to new insights, answers, inspiration, creativity, transcendence, and mastery. Remember, every Event contains lessons and has something important to teach you. Appreciation opens up your Awareness to the opportunities present in every experience and helps you to uncover the hidden value and potential growth they contain. Why drain your energy with sadness, fear, and anger when you can revitalize yourself with Appreciation? To choose otherwise only sets your emotions on a self-destructive course that doesn’t change your circumstances anyway.

Finding the benefit and joy in the difficult times allows you to direct and govern your emotions to facilitate the Flow of Life. When you focus on Appreciation, your emotions become a tool that you use rather than a tool that uses you.

You begin to use your emotions to more fully experience and enjoy Life, regardless of what is happening around you. You begin to enjoy the journey and focus on what is happening rather than focusing on what didn’t or won’t happen. When you can Shift from regretting the past or anticipating the future to experiencing and Appreciating Life in the here and now, it is a tremendous Shift in Consciousness that will liberate and empower you.

What does this Event have to teach me?

Know that every Event presents opportunities and lessons that allow you to grow. The experiences that are the most difficult or challenging to go through often carry the most powerful and valuable lessons.

Events are only a snapshot in time, but their effects are far-reaching and create opportunities and possibilities for you to learn and grow, both in the present and in the future. The Pain & Pleasure you experience in the moment is only a temporary part of the process of an Event unfolding in your Life. You must now try to uncover the opportunities for learning and growth that are hiding beneath the Pain or Pleasure of the moment.

If you can’t uncover anything, you’re not looking hard enough. Don’t settle for minor relevance; really dig deep and uncover all that you can. Be patient. Very often time and reflection are needed before the deeper meaning emerges. Keep in mind that it is not so much the short-term Pain of the Event that you are trying to Appreciate but what the experience may bring about, awaken, or strengthen within you.

Appreciation is the way to recognize and deeply understand the Life-enhancing power that Events bring into your Life. If you reflect back upon your Life, you may find that the times of greatest growth usually followed the times of greatest challenge. Although these challenges tempered and strengthened you, it was often difficult to see their benefit while you were submersed in the moment.

With hindsight, things often come into better perspective; once the Pain and difficulty fade, the learning and growth reveal themselves. The learning and growth were there all the time,  they were just hidden by the discomfort. With reflection, you can pierce the veil of time and explore the possibilities that await you while you are still going through the tough or challenging times.

You don’t have to wait for difficult times to occur in order to practice Appreciation; you can do so intentionally. Pick something you dislike doing, and then find the happiness (Appreciation) in doing it. Doing this will give you the opportunity to practice and develop the Habit of Appreciation. Start with a relatively easy task, and as your ability increases, select more challenging tasks or circumstances. A key factor in finding Appreciation is to connect it to a higher value.

When you Shift to and maintain your focus on Appreciation, other thoughts are automatically excluded. Your Consciousness embraces what you remain focused on. Focusing on Appreciation prevents limiting, Distressful emotions from developing and allows you dwell more and more in a state of well-being.

The more you practice finding and Appreciating what every experience has to offer, the more proficient you will become at it. You will Condition yourself and form the Habit of seeking Appreciation in every circumstance, and your outlook and perception of Life will be Transformed as a result.

Focusing your Awareness on the loss or Pain without also Realizing the joy, opportunities, or lessons you experienced will keep you in Distress mode; and this is unhealthy, both physically and psychologically. An excellent way to facilitate the grieving process and move through your grief is to recall and Appreciate all the ways that your loved one enriched your Life. We believe that doing this in a respectful and reverent manner is one of the highest honors that you can pay to someone.


  Edwardo Rosso CEO, & Co-Developer  of 

     “The Manual for Life & Consciousness