A Reflection During Troubled Times | The Center for Self Development
I have been reflecting a lot lately. trying to make sense of our current reality.
We are living an absurd life. I don’t know about you but I am really exhausted. I’m tired of watching Humanity regress rather than evolve. Tired of people destroying themselves with their own hands. Tired of how we have been treating this planet and others. Tired of the wars we create and the violence associated with it. There is so much judgment, criticism, and complaining. Too much jealousy and envy for others’ accomplishments. The Ego has been in charge for way too long. There is so little time dedicated to family and children and no gratitude dedicated to what we do have. Instead, we focus on what we don’t have.
I am inviting you to realize this limited way of living, this race to success, this workaholic attitude, this overwhelming self-destructive behavior is NOT going to make you happy. It will just continue to contribute to your high stress, dissatisfaction with life and your frustration. Eventually, this behavior will lead to illness and disease.
I know this may be hard to grasp, but I am passionate about waking people up and helping them understand that the time for change is NOW. It is essential to begin shifting and transforming our actions into renewed healing, harmony, peace, growth, and evolution!
We have created this international crisis, this uncomfortable situation, this financial uncertainty, it is the byproduct of our behavior. We are in isolation and cannot enjoy the events we used to enjoy. We can’t even meet friends for dinner or go to a yoga class.
We cannot change what has happened but my question to you is, what are you going to do about it?!
I believe It’s time to stop and listen to your wisdom, intuition and common sense. “Your Life matters so what are you planning on doing with the rest of it? The numbers of people dying from this pandemic are increasing daily, tomorrow is promised to no one.
When this Pandemic passes, go and connect, hug someone, go and socialize with people, share your mind, your feelings, we are all equal.  Live your life with simplicity, walk, breathe deeply, make a difference in yourself and others, value nature, and finally appreciate every moment of this amazing life. Study, discover, explore, observe, experience and finally learn and understand that we are all one energy.
Life is Realizing that it is not the events that come into your life that matter but how you choose to respond to them. Life is your ability to see the opportunities presented to you in those events and to use them to co-create and improve everything with which you come into contact. This allows you to facilitate the growth and evolution of both yourself and all that surrounds you.
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 Edwardo Rosso
Co-Author of
The Manual 4 Life