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Conversation about Stress

Stress has been always part of life since the beginning of time, so here we are trying to eliminate it and at the same time we can’t live without it. Indeed every function of our body works under a calculated level of stress, and at the same time stress is definitely the biggest enemy of our health. Countless amounts of people perish every year due to overwhelming stress.

How can we eliminate what we need? How can we reduce what we need to

The answer to those question are; we have two types of stress one that help us to thrive grow and evolve which we call Eustress and the other which literally will hurt us consistently which we call Distress. We can then confidently say, nurture your Eustress and eliminate at all costs all of your Distress.

Managing your stress is a skill, an ability that requires first to identify which type of stress you are experiencing, Eustress or Distress then decides to fuel it or avoid it. Furthermore, there is an additional component that is critical and essential to be understood in order to deal with stress properly.

These two types of stress (Eustress & Distress) can manifest in many areas of your being, Your physical body, Your Four states of Consciousness, which are Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual and lastly but not least Your Relationships and I mean all of them.

As you can see Eustress is needed always and should be present in all parts of your entire being, actually You should have an abundance of Eustress to stay healthy, thrive, grow and evolve, but to achieve it in all of your being you must understand your Consciousness to effectively manifest this powerful and healthy Eustress.

Conversely you must realize that it is at most important to take all possible action to avoid, reduce or eliminate your Distress as if you fail to do so in each part of your being you will begin what we call a self sabotage behavior which is the deterioration of yourself in all areas of your life. Your Body, your four states of your consciousness, and all of your relationships.

Now it is clear why people are mostly stressed out and can not handle their unfolding life, even successful people suffer from stress. But the solution to manage such stress appears to be complicated and difficult, so what to do? We have discovered that if you are willing to shift your awareness toward the understanding of your Consciousness what seems to be difficult becomes effortless, easy and very possible.

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