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A deeper conversation about Wisdom

To explain Wisdom accurately, we have to start with the source of your own Consciousness, which is Universal Life Force. Universal Life Force is part of the collective field of subtle, dynamic energy that permeates all of creation.

It expresses itself as the animating Force or vitality in all living organisms. Anything that is alive is expressing a portion of this Universal Life Force. Universal Life Force has unlimited energy and endurance and requires no Rest. As long as you are alive, this subtle Life Force is active within you and is being expressed as your Consciousness. Your Consciousness expresses itself on a psychophysical spectrum, ranging from the most dense and tangible (Physical) to the most subtle and abstract (Spiritual). The aspect of your Consciousness that is directly connected to Universal Life Force is your Spiritual State of Consciousness. It serves as the mediator between this subtle Life Force and the denser States of your Consciousness (Mental, Emotional, Physical).

Since your Spiritual State of Consciousness derives its energy directly from this subtle Life Force, it is not bound or restricted by physical limitations and can remain active, whereas the other, denser States of Consciousness require intervals of Rest. When the other States of Consciousness are at Rest or relinquish their control, your Spiritual State of Consciousness becomes dominant and an innate knowing and Understanding prevails. We refer to this innate knowing and Understanding as Wisdom. Wisdom is not something that can be taught from the outside; rather, it is an inner Realization and Understanding. It is an Understanding of the highest order, unfiltered and undistorted by the Ego.

It is our closest Realization of Actuality which is the ultimate understanding or omniscience. Although Wisdom utilizes information, knowledge and understanding it functions beyond them. It is an insight into what is true, just, and reasonable. Wisdom is a by-product of becoming Aware of, Understanding, and integrating Life lessons into your Belief System. Wisdom is developed in four phases: It is born of Information, developed by Knowledge, Expanded by Understanding, and finally Realized as Wisdom. This Realization of Wisdom occurs when the first three phases are integrated and Utilized to derive insight and direction into what is currently unknown.

Wisdom is the ability to take that which is known and apply it to that which is unknown to receive insight and find answers. Each of the first three phases ( Information, Knowledge, Understanding ) is a successively deeper step toward the Realization of Wisdom. These phases are the natural progression leading to the development of Wisdom that you have been following all your Life, even though you may have been largely (or totally) unaware of it.

We will now summarize those three phases below:

1. Information-Gathering Phase. Just as a computer needs data to process, your Consciousness needs information to ponder. The more quality information you have, the more informed choices you can make. Information gathering is a by-product of Awareness. To increase your Awareness is to increase the quantity and quality of information available to you.

2. Knowledge-Base Phase. Information gathering is only helpful if you can recall the information you gathered. As you learn, you automatically categorize and organize the information within our brain so that you can access it when you need it. Your Life lessons provided either relief from Pain or an increase in Pleasure, both of which impact you at the deepest levels and are not easily forgotten. The actual experience locks in the lesson. The impact and learning stay with you, even if the actual Event is long forgotten. This process forms and develops your memory and Belief System. The more you experience and learn, the more information you add to your Belief System. The more references you have stored in your memory, the greater knowledge base and resources you will have available for decision-making.

3. Understanding Phase. Having a lot of information and knowledge about something is useless unless you Understand it. Understanding is Realizing how something fits into the web of everything else; it is seeing the big picture. Understanding is the Realization of the relationship and significance that a part has to the whole. It is the process of making the connections between all relevant information and knowledge, and it is achieved and accessed through inquiry and learning.

4. Wisdom Phase. Wisdom is the application of information, knowledge, and Understanding. It is the ability to take that which is known and apply it to that which is unknown. It is the parent of insight, intuition, inspiration, and creativity. Wisdom dispels misconceptions, identifies missing information, and gives insight into how to achieve what you set out to do. It improves your Response to Life Events, and it increases the probability that you will achieve what you Intend. Wisdom paves the road to self-mastery. Wisdom is at the core of your being. It includes all that you have experienced, figured out, and learned in Life.

Wisdom is also a rich source of guidance for your Life. It encompasses your Beliefs, morals, and values; and it is your highest authority for discerning what is true, just, and fair. Wisdom gives you insight and helps you to approach Life in a reasonable and prudent fashion, and it is invaluable for decision- making and Planning. It is also a great source of inspiration and creativity. So how can you access this great resource, Wisdom, from within? In one word: Meditation.

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